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Wendt Europe Achilles Vinistar Scratch Resistant PVC Window FIlm

Vinistar Scratch Resistant

Are you looking for a flexible PVC film that provides a clear and safe view for a longer time and enhances the high-end look of your sprayhoods and boat covers? Then you can choose the Vinistar Scratch Resistant.

This transparent, scratch-resistant PVC film is UV-resistant and thanks to the special double-sided PU coating this PVC film guarantees long-lasting protection against scratches and provides an attractive end result. The Vinistar Scratch Resistant is supplied on a roll. In this way you only use what you need for production with minimum waste.

Due to the double-sided protective coating, the Vinistar Scratch Resistant is unfortunately not suitable for high-frequency or hot air welding. You can also easily stitch the window film into, for example, polyester-, nylon- or PVC-coated industrial fabric

Product characteristics

  • REACH compliant:

    Produced as standard with safe, environmentally friendly plasticisers that comply with the European REACH directive.

  • UV resistant:

    UV stabilised PVC film remains transparent for a long time with minimal discolouration, even in the most challenging weather conditions

  • Availability:

    The Vinistar Scratch Resistant is supplied on a 10 metre roll with a standard thickness of 0.50 mm and a width of 135 cm.

  • Optimal transparency:

    The Vinistar Scratch Resistant allows more than 87.2% light through and blocks about 90% of harmful UV radiation.

  • Double polished:

    The standard polished finish on both sides of the material contributes to even greater clarity.

  • Easy maintenance:

    Cleaning with mild soap and lukewarm water is sufficient. Read more about this in our maintenance manual.

Good to know

  • Consistent quality:

    All our PVC films are developed and produced by Achilles in factories in Japan or the United States.

  • Various qualities:

    We supply various qualities directly from stock, from flame-retardant and low shrinkage to anti-static and cold resistant window film. For an overview go to our product page.

  • Delivery from stock:

    In our warehouse in the Netherlands we have various qualities films available directly from stock from 0.30mm to 0.75mm.

  • Fast delivery time:

    In cooperation with our local partners, we are able to deliver quickly throughout Europe. Whether it concerns 1 roll or 1 pallet.


Download the Vinistar Scratch Resistant Datasheet (PDF).

Test it yourself

Request a sample and test the Vinistar Scratch Resistant yourself.


The Vinistar Scratch Resistant PVC window film is excellent for use in sprayhoods or flexible windows for convertibles. Because of the scratch resistant properties, the film keeps the view beautiful for a long time.

Do you have any questions?

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