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CSM rubberized fabric
The quality of an inflatable boat strongly depends on the material with which the boat is produced. For more than 40 years Achilles has been producing CSM rubberized fabrics specially developed for applications in inflatable boats such as RIB's, dinghies, tenders and rafting or river boats. Chlorosulphon polyethylene (CSM), a synthetic rubber, has been used for many years for the exterior coating for an unsurpassed strength and durability. Combined with two coatings of chloroprene (CR) for optimal airtightness on the inside. The coatings are applied on a heavy-duty polyester base for strength and durability.

CSM is still CSM
From the beginning, Achilles has always used CSM from DuPont with the brand name Hypalon®. DuPont stopped producing Chlorosulphon polyethylene (CSM) in 2010 so that the Hypalon® brand no longer exists. But Achilles still uses Chlorosulphon polyethylene (CSM) manufactured to the same demanding specifications as Hypalon®.

CSM withstands the most common challenging conditions in nature or caused by humans. These vary from the extreme weather influences such as heat from the sun and ultraviolet radiation that causes discoloration, salty seawater to oil and petrol. The CSM coating is wear-resistant and also highly resistant to stains and dirt. We only work with suppliers and CSM that meets these demanding standards is used.

Airtight to stay inflated longer
Chloroprene is an extremely airtight synthetic rubber with more than 75 years of proven performance in practice in a wide range of applications. It was originally developed as an oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber. It is often used in O-rings, seals and diaphragms due to its low gas permeation properties. The two coating layers of chloroprene on the inside provide excellent airtightness so that inflatable boats stay inflated longer.

CSM has proven itself time and again where it counts the most - on the water.



T10 Series

Achilles CSM T10 Series is very strong and durable for the production of inflatable boats up to 7 meters long.

T15 Series

Achilles CSM T15 Series is very strong and durable for the production of inflatable boats up to 10 meters long.

Do you have any questions?

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