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Wendt has been the supplier of transparent PVC film in Europe for more than 25 years. It all starts with the composition of the product where only top-quality UV stabilisers and plasticisers are used. The production of PVC film takes place in factories in Japan and USA, with strict quality control guidelines.

Wendt is aware of its responsibility towards people and the environment. We therefore have embraced the European REACH programme from the outset, and for years our PVC films are produced with safer and more environmentally friendly UV stabilisers and plasticisers. This contributes to the consistent quality and proven longevity of our PVC films.

Choose Wendt if you are looking for PVC film you can rely on, which you can easily process and which will add value to your end product.



Vinistar Classic

The Vinistar Classic is a versatile UV-resistant and transparent PVC window film that can be used as a window in tents, boat covers and porch tarpaulins.

Vinistar Super

The Vinistar Super has a high transparency and is UV resistant. Due to Quick Release, the PVC film sticks less, making it easy to use in production.

Vinistar FRX

With the Vinistar FRX fire retardant PVC film you improve the fire safety of your end products. Supplied as standard with German B1 or French M2 certificate.

Vinistar Low Shrink

The Vinistar Low Shrink has minimal shrinkage and a high level of transparency so that your end products will remain beautiful and functional for a long time without the adverse effects of shrinkage.

Vinistar Extruded

The Vinistar Extruded film has the highest transparency of PVC film supplied on a roll. This result is achieved using extrusion technology

Vinistar Smoke Tint

The Vinistar Smoke Tint is a grey tinted PVC film that contributes to your privacy and gives an exclusive look to your end product.

Vinistar Karo

The Vinistar Karo is a transparent and UV resistant PVC film with a printed window pattern. It is also possible to incorporate a logo or brand name in the grid lines.

Seiden Crystal

The Seiden Crystal is an antistatic and fire retardant transparent PVC film for cleanrooms, flexible partitions and containment solutions.

Seiden F

The Seiden F is antistatic and fire retardant and the printed honeycomb structure provides the electroconductive properties that protect against ESD.

ST-2 Protect

The ST-2 Protect film offers excellent antistatic protection and prevents damage to displays. And has excellent transparency.


A combination of transparent PVC film and polyester gauze ensures that the transparent Tarpaulin is robust and durable in use

Chubby Checker

This PVC film creates a sense of privacy at, for example, campsites. You cannot see through the film, but it allows daylight to pass through.

Vinistar Heat Shield

The infrared light component is absorbed by the Vinistar Heat Shield PVC film so that it is not converted into heat as light enters.

Vinistar Cold Flex

This PVC film is transparent and resistant to extremely cold temperatures (up to -55 degrees Celsius). It is suitable as separation in freezer and cold stores.

Vinistar Scratch Resistant

A PU coating on both sides ensures the antiscratch properties and long-lasting transparency of the PVC film

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions or are you curious which PVC film is the right choice for your end product or project? Then please contact us. You can call +31 (0) 252 516 938 or send us a message and we will contact you.



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