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Versatile applications of PVC film

For years, tent builders and sailmakers have been using PVC film to devise and produce innovative, tailor-made solutions for their customers. The versatile PVC films allow you to create flexible solutions for a very wide range of applications and industries.

We would like to show you some examples of applications and industries where PVC film is used. These are situations in which the versatility of PVC film comes to the fore.

Do you already work with PVC film or are you interested in the possibilities of PVC film? Then ask your supplier for Wendt PVC film.

Fire retardant PVC film for Flexible industrial partitions

For industrial partitions, flexible partitions or (semi) temporary walls in factories, Wendt has been offering various PVC films for years that can be used for customised solutions. Transparent industrial curtains are a simple and economical way to create and separate spaces in your factory or workshop.

Low shrinkage PVC film for screens and porch tarpaulins

Are you looking for PVC film with minimal shrinkage to be used as a window for veranda tarpaulins or screens? Do you use PVC film for large areas that are subject to varying weather conditions for long periods of time? Then Wendt offers the perfect solution: Vinistar Low Shrink.

Transparent PVC film as a flexible window in tents and outdoor blinds

Wendt has been supplying Vinistar Super and Vinistar FRX PVC films to tent and sail makers for many years. The Vinistar Super and Vinistar FRX window films are extremely suitable for outdoor applications such as tents and sails and are easy to process. Both PVC films are UV resistant and the Vinistar FRX is also fire  retardant.

High quality PVC film for sprayhoods and boat covers

Are you looking for a high-quality PVC film for the windows in the boat hood? And do you want a PVC film that can also withstand different weather conditions and withstand salty water? And at the same time protect against UV radiation? Wendt offers you a number of suitable solutions.

Antistatic PVC film for flexible isolators and clean rooms

Are you a specialist in the field of cleanroom or containment solutions? Would you like to set up a controlled test room or a temporary test lab? Wendt offers a number of antistatic flexible PVC films with fire retardant and antistatic properties that protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Durable PVC film for high-speed roller doors and industrial doors

Are you looking for material for a window in a rapid roll door or a warehouse divider? Wendt has PVC  films that can withstand the necessary tensile force in high-speed roll doors.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions or are you curious which PVC film is the right choice for your end product or project?
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